About Us

Our Approach

” Our goal is your satisfaction”. Ultimate cleaning depends first on having pride in what you do, along with knowledge, mastery, initiative and integrity. Building on this foundation brings us to a quality, consistent clean every time. We aren’t satisfied until we hear our customers say ” Yes,This is what I want”.

Our Story

King Clean inception was based solely on a vision and ability to provide a superior cleaning service based on consistency accompanied by a custodial pledge of excellence would be and still is our founding principles. We find that a straightforward approach builds trust, strengthens accountability and allows resolution of cleaning deficiencies. Going the second mile ensures that promises are kept and more importantly relationships are built.

Meet the Team

With Kim’s vision and Austin’s know how King Clean Janitorial Service was created. Kim has been in the janitorial & cleaning industry for 8 years and has been awarding as such. Austin expertise in all aspects of operation, marketing, estimating and a must have on site inspector and supervisor. We not only share a history in the cleaning business we also share a passion and willingness to conform to a customer needs or wants Let us share with you what we see.


Founder & CEO

Hello my name is Kim and I am a native of Atlanta, Ga. Looking forward to doing business with you. Interesting fact, I do not drive on the Interstate but I will get there.


Vice President

Hello my name is Austin, moved here from Texas 18years ago and its been great. My focus is to make your King Clean experience one you want to live with, Interesting fact, I have never rode a horse